How to Milk Kefir

Put starter kefir grains into empty jar and add 1.5 cups of raw milk or full fat pasteurized milk. Cover jar with cheese cloth or with a coffee filter or other breathable cloth. Place the jar band around it to hold your cover in place. Set the jar on the counter for 24 hours. Kefir likes to be in a fairly warm environment so be sure it’s not too cold in the kitchen. Find a warm place (a cabinet can be used). Check your kefir at the end of 24 hours or less in the summer time. If it hasn’t thickened yet, leave it for another several hours. Once you see thickening or separation, the kefir is ready. (the separation is whey and you can use this for other ferments!)

Stir the kefir to make it liquid and strain it into the sink. Pour this round out. You are “waking” your new kefir grains from their mail trip. I do this the first two rounds when I receive new grains in the mail from someone. Keep your kefir beginning with round three. You will strain your kefir into a new glass jar and seal and store in the fridge. Place your grains into a jar and cover in milk again except from here forward you will use 2 cups of milk each time. After about the third round of kefir you keep, you can likely try to grow more. This is done in whipping cream. You use whole whipping cream instead of raw milk.

Follow the same directions but let it sit on the counter for a good 28 hours before you check them. If you need to take a break you can “rest” your kefir. Store them in two cups of milk in the fridge and seal them shut. Burp the seal each day to release the gas. You can let your kefir rest for up to two weeks before you need to feed them again and make more.

Once you have a grown yourself a nice amount of grains, it’s time to gift some Kefir Karma to another person!



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