Amy Granillo, CHN, DipCN, CertCN

SoCal Raw Fed Dogs est. 2017

Instead of writing about myself in the third-person and bullet pointing my applicable credentials, I thought I’d tell you about myself and my why’s.

THE BIG WHY: I love my dogs. I feed my family the best I can so they can live long + healthful lives so, to me, it is a no brainer to do the same for my animals who cannot take care of themselves; being that Labradors don’t have thumbs and are basically perpetual toddlers!

I have completed thousands of hours in formal education, training, and mentorship; researching & writing articles, and designing raw diet calculators. I have spent the past couple of years working directly with dog owners in the hands-on practical application of formulating NRC balanced raw diets & NRC factored ancestral plans for ratio diets, & I have developed my own raw diet meal building formulator and NRC factored ratio calculating program to use for clients. I’m currently learning more about how to formulate per FEDIAF guidelines.

I have worked directly with 100+ dogs & I love every minute of it! I’ve come a long way in my learning and I continue formal training and seek expert mentorship year-round. I was fortunate to be able to pick the brain of nutrition researcher, Steve Brown a few times before he retired and his books, formulating tool and expert knowledge are some of the tools I use to build optimal raw diets for dogs.

I’m a dog lover with a background in human nutrition & computer technology, so I find the science of formulating raw diets for dogs a natural fit.

When I was little, you could find me barefoot with wild hair, carrying whatever dog or cat was my best friend that day through the blackberry bushes.

An animal lover & a Gramma’s girl, I spent the early years helping raw feed Gramma’s cats & dogs. It was meat + liver minces and fish & milk for the cats and bone-in chicken with liver + green beans for dogs; of course, I shared the blackberries with them all. Who knew those early days smashing salmon patties and tossing chicken scraps would end up here?! —> Anecdote: Her pets ate what we gasp at today in the companion animal nutrition world, and they all lived to be in their late teens, her beloved Siamese passing from a fall at 17 years old.

Being a free-spirit in my core & a technology nerd by trade, I tumbled into the world of brand design and I’ve spent the past nine years in my studio creating brands and teaching women how to grow their businesses, so they too can own their own time.

The year I opened my studio I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder and dove into all that is holistic & homeopathic. A brand client of mine at the time was a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) in Canada and at her urging, I learned about holistic nutrition and began healing myself. In 2012, I completed and earned my credentials in holistic nutrition from AFPA as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN). I’m a non-practicing CHN which means I don’t offer holistic nutrition services, I went to school for myself and my family.

During the summer of 2016, I had a new puppy who was not doing well on kibble at all, the knowledge of how Gramma taught me to raw feed as a kid, and a thirst to learn all that was current & correct about raw feeding for dogs. I took a class on general pet nutrition & moved forward to my first diploma level master course in canine nutrition. I also invested a small fortune in animal nutrition books that year. Many of which sits open on my desk daily and are used in practical application with my own dogs and clients. In 2017 I took two focused programs simultaneously; a 225-hour canine nutrition certification program & a 9-hour science-based mastery certification course on formulating a balanced raw diet. Also during 2017, I put together the grassroots raw feeding co-op SoCal Raw Fed Dogs (SCRFD) which brought me the opportunity to meet the most amazing dog owners. At their widespread sharing of the co-op and their repeated requests for more high-grade raw, SCRFDs organically grew into the custom raw shop & private co-op it is today. I said we would try the raw shop for one year and reassess; and here we are almost two years later, educating thousands of owners about feeding a raw diet and helping Southern California dog owners feed the best foods they can, to their dogs in the right way, for their needs.

I feel like this section is too long & I don’t like ‘About Me’ situations in the first place, so I am going to share a couple of more applicable pieces of me and wrap it up.

Gut health and plant-based protocols are two areas I like to learn about, so I spent 10 months of 2018 under the tutelage of Lorene Sauro, RHN; a registered & board certified Practical Holistic Nutritionist learning more about gut health & fermentation, I took her certified mastery program for my holistic nutrition CEUs & and now I teach private workshops to raw feeders about the benefits of fermenting for their dogs & how to do it.

I attended California Southern University for my Bachelor of Business Administration degree & I have master certificates in Project Management and Government Contract Management. If you’d like to know more about my “human-related business” or education, just ask!

PS- We added another puppy to our family in February 2018 and she is powered by raw too!

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