Your puppy deserves to eat an optimal and healthful diet built just for them

All balanced diet formulations for puppies are formulated to meet or appropriately exceed nutrition standards for canine growth stage with the puppy’s breed(s) and specific physiology + genetic profile (if available) taken into account. 

I use breed knowledge/experience & sigma-plotting tools to configure how best to plan a puppy’s daily energy intake and appropriately increase its kcal tiers for optimal growth.

Food science is used to correctly select biologically available and highly digestible ingredients for each puppy.

NRC 2006 guidelines are utilized for check + balance and experience is used to appropriately set nutrient levels.

Recipes are carefully formulated for each puppy using whole foods and appropriate food grade supplements if called for.

It is important to provide a complete diet that is balanced for your puppy’s breed, age, metabolism, individual frame, & other specifics that are critical to feeding the dog in front of you.

raw diet formulation for puppies

Client Welcome Package

A welcome package outlining what to expect during a formulation project.

Client Portal

I create a client portal where all of your documents are housed & tracked for delivery and opening. Types of things found in the client portal include: All client forms, custom packages, copies of emails, any medical records, laboratory analysis reports, medication information, etc. Careful documentation and reporting are needed to effectively track your pet’s nutritional health so any changes are uploaded here for future reference.

Client Onboarding Package

Once the contract has been signed + invoice has been paid, the formulation project is scheduled, and package is created which details the project scope and project start & completion dates. 

A Balanced Diet Formulation

Your puppy’s recipe(s) is formulated using biologically appropriate ingredients and canine nutrition guidelines recommended for your specific pup. Your puppy’s formulation(s) will not be applicable to another puppy, as the details that are used to formulate for your puppy are that specific.

I do not use chicken in formulations unless there is a specific reason, as it is a commonly problematic protein for dogs and provokes higher than desired omega-6 levels. Additionally, using better protein options allow for fewer additional ingredients.

Substitutions (Very Limited)

Because each recipe is formulated for a dog’s needs and per canine nutrition guidelines, precise nutrition is at play. There aren’t substitutions that allow for across the board swapping without affecting the nutrients. The only cases of substitutions that work are regarding some eggs, many veggies, and fruits. Each recipe includes one minor adjustment to the type of ingredients used for fiber and or antioxidants, as anything further than that would cause the recipe to be imbalanced and require a complete reformulation.

Reformulations are not included with any formulation project and are billed at a reduced 20% returning client discount.

Expanded Kcal Tiers & Recipe Information for Growth

Formulations are created to optimally grow your puppy for up to the next 5 – 20 lbs., with the exception of extra-large breeds. Extra-large breed puppy diet formulations can be done for sometimes up to the next 40-50 lbs. of puppy, depending on the puppy’s particular case details. Puppies need to be assessed and evaluated throughout growth.

Please note that a wider range of lbs. is for large and extra-large breed puppies. This is not possible with small or medium breed puppies as the growth is not as large-scale. Small and medium breed puppies receive kcals recipe information for the next 5 – 20 lbs. if the puppy is of a breed/breeds that weighs more than 10 lbs. as adults.

Measured Ingredients List

I take the guesswork out of what to buy & how much to buy with a complete ingredients list that includes measurements for your balanced recipe. You can take this with you to the store or have it next to you for online shopping and use it to buy the amount you need based on your meal or batch size.

Functional Food Snack Recipes + Information

The ingredients for the functional food snacks included in client formulation packages changes through the year. Because of this, recurring clients end up with stacks of them to choose from. Below are the types of functional food snack recipes that are included:

• One Antioxidant, Anti-Aging, & Anti-Cancer Support Snack

This recipe is made of whole foods that are biologically appropriate for dogs. It is important to be proactive in the fight against ailments and conditions commonly known to plague dogs. Information, ingredients, and directions are provided. 

• One Fiber Support Snack

Like the “Anti’s” snack, this one is also comprised of whole foods that are appropriate for the puppy at hand. Information about fiber and ingredients + instructions are included. 

• One Probiotic + Antioxidant Support Snack

Daily gut support is very important for dogs and for puppies in particular as their young bodies go through many changes and are exposed to various foods and environmental factors. Information, ingredients, and recipe instructions are included. 

Gut Support Information

It is crucial to provide gut support to growing puppies. Even more so with some breeds. As part of your package, you receive gut support information specific to puppies.

Client Support

I provide two weeks of client support so I can answer any questions you might have. This doesn’t mean you can’t contact me after this time period if needed; I am happy to offer discounted extended support to clients!

Client Offboarding Package

A wrap-up of your project and information regarding extended support options and discount offer towards future services.

Balanced Diet Formulation for Puppies Package Options

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