If you want access high-quality foods selected just for your dog(s) then our private client option is for you.

Some feeders don’t like to fight the masses to order or they can’t seem to ever hit the shop when their favorite raw items are still in stock. Others are just too busy & need their dog’s meals ready to go, balanced, and on point. That’s where we come in.

Becoming a private client allows you more flexibility with your order

  • Private clients get SCRFD exclusive menu options that have been put together just for their dog(s)
  • Choose from foods not always offered in the shop
  • DIY or Grinds- you can choose to have your dog’s meals prepped via DIY or ground to a texture with a bone % suited for your dog
  • PMR, PMR+, NRC meal options
  • Custom real food supplements- this can range from ground herbs to frozen molds in cool & fun shapes
  • Fresh eggs based on what is currently available Duck, Hen, Quail. On occasion, we do have Goose too!
  • Fresh raw goat milk
  • Freshly made kefir- can be raw goat milk or raw cow milk
  • Fermented veggies
  • Dried Treats
  • Bones that are selected with your dog’s jaw, mouth, and teeth in mind.
  • 5% off shop items
  • More…
  • Find out how it works below

become a private client | how does it work

    • Private client slots are secured in three months slots
    • The cost is $60 every three months; which is $20 per month (private client fees are due upfront upon contracting of services.)
    • You can renew or release at the end of every three months
    • Private client orders must be 100% SCRFD
    • Private client pickups are generally scheduled within 10 days & the appointment is scheduled at the client’s convenience (weekdays, some weekday evenings, and saturday mornings are available)
    • Private clients receive a 5% discount on their order total (this does exclude our 3 major sales & all raw fests each year. these sales are outlined in our private client agreement)
  • Orders are placed in a private client portal. The client’s info is stored there and when you are ready to order, private options based on your dog are loaded into the portal for you to select from.

We don’t ship to private clients because there are too many delicate foods involved in these kits. We are literally feeding the dog in front of us and that means fresh food and real food supplements, delicate items like eggs, and sometimes very small packs of unique items such as frozen molds that might not always do well in transit.

Private Clients are Pick Up Only.

To discuss your budget and talk about becoming a private client, fill out the form below. This listing is good for one free 20-minute consultation to discuss if going private is a great fit for you and your dog.

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