Stronger Teeth & Jaw and Healthier Gums

Eating a raw diet provides canines with a natural way to “brush their teeth” and use their teeth as the tools they are meant to be used as. Chewing through chunks of meat allows the jaw and teeth to work together for strengthening. The gum line and space between the teeth are cleaned and flossed by the tearing of the meat and connective tissue. The surface of the teeth is kept clean with the assistance of raw meaty bones (RMBs). RMBs act as a “tooth scraper” removing any plaque that may be present. The dog’s breath is kept fresh and teeth are kept clean since they aren’t exposed to processed chemicals and food dyes.

Improved Coat Condition & Decrease in Skin Issues

It is commonly noticed that a dog’s skin and coat improve once the diet is natural and species appropriate. When a dog is eating what they are biologically built to eat, their internal systems function improves and this shows on the outside. A balanced raw diet is lacking artificial preservatives and additives, and it is providing high-quality, proper nutrition from each of the appropriate food rations.

Strong Immune System

Feeding a dog natural sources of protein, minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids give fuel to the body and help keep the immune function strong.

Improved Body Odor (The doggy smell!)

Raw fed dogs don’t normally carry around the musky “doggy” smell with them. Their bodies are working properly on a raw diet and their mouths are clean.

Improved Energy

It is commonly noticed that dogs energy levels increase dramtically when they are raw fed. For the same reason as we keep talking about = the body is getting what the body is supposed to get to function optimally.

Improved Physique

Eating the appropriate diet allows for a dog to shed extra weight they may have been carrying around from eating kibble. Without all the added “filler”, a dog can shed excess fat. Feeding lean muscle meat helps a dog’s own natural muscle appear. As mentioned in many articles about health, incorporating an exercising/training routine can only enhance that.

Mental Stimulation

Eating a species appropriate diet that edges a domesticated dog towards its natural and primal instincts creates stimulation. Smelling the meat, chewing it, and crunching on bones releases endorphins.

Dramatic Reduction in Stool Size & Frequency

The immediate and noticeable difference in a raw fed dog’s stool is how much smaller it is than a kibble fed dog’s stool. This is because the dog is optimally digesting their food and efficiently converting it into what their body needs. When a dog eats kibble, it is ingesting many different items that aren’t species appropriate for them and those items are passing through the dog’s system swiftly; and the mostly undigested food is eliminated in a pile of bulked stool.

Decrease in Thirst (The dog will finally be hydrated!)

One of the most frequent comments/exclamations owners make once they are raw feeding their dog is about the drastic decrease in water intake. Raw meat is high in moisture (water) so when a dog is eating raw they are actually properly hydrated. Kibble depletes the water in a dog’s system and essentially renders them in a slightly dehydrated state at all times.

Reduction in Vet Trips Related to Poor Health

Raw fed dogs live healthful lives. When dogs eat food that is biologically appropriate, they will convert and absorb the nutrients from their food, making their immune system, digestive system, and other bodily functions work together in an optimal manner. Less disease, less distress, fewer issues. No chemicals feeding cancer cells, no artificial items making your dog sick.