Formulating a correct product for dogs requires experienced knowledge of food energetics and the canine nutrition standard your products are to be formulated per, an understanding of how various nutrients work or do not work together, labeling guidelines for your country, and more.

It is important that when creating products or recipe books, you’re getting it right. Your brand and name are on your products so providing quality and optimal nutrition to your clients is crucial. My formulations provide a complete report that reflects what energetic formulations I use and I reflect where nutrition standards have been met or exceeded appropriately. I formulate for the specific type of dog you’re trying to feed.

I work with companies globally who offer packaged raw diet and whole food supplement products, canine nutrition book authors, pet supply shop owners, and individuals who love dogs and have a dream to build a business that provides optimal nutrition to dogs!

I currently offer commercial formulation for the following canine nutrition guidelines:

FEDIAF • NRC • AAFCO  • AS/PFIAA • Canine Ancestral • PMR Ratios for Intermittent Feeding Products

I currently offer supplement formulation for the following product types:

Immune System Support • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)/Bladder Support • Canine Specific Probiotics • Leaky Gut Support • Skin + Coat Support

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