The 1:1 canine nutrition consultation service outlined below is for typical, healthy puppies and adult dogs.

This is not for therapeutic dogs of any age.

1:1 sessions do not include recipe formulations or instructions on how to formulate. 

Consultation sessions are a good fit for dog owners who want to talk about something specific regarding their dog(s) and how to feed them.

These private 1:1 sessions can be used to learn about different feeding methods, the basics of energy and/or nutrient needs, and how to apply them for your particular dog, we can also talk about how to build recipes on your own and the tools to use to accomplish it with ease if you want. We can talk feeding tips & tricks for the finicky eater or sourcing information and how best to buy ingredients, we can discuss whole foods and supplements. We can talk about feeding + prep supplies and best prep practices and storage, raw vs cooked, and more. 

A 1:1 eliminates the tail-chasing of trying to figure out how to best feed your dog, lets you ask questions, and gives you information and a strategy you can feel confident about.

Client Portal

A private client portal is created where your documents are housed: All client forms, a copy of your signed contract and paid invoice, copies of emails, and any other relevant documents. The client portal also houses my consultation calendar where you will self-schedule your desired 1:1 slot.

Client Onboarding Package

A welcome package outlining what you can expect from your 1:1 session, my office hours & points of contact, and your scheduled 1:1 date and time information.

1:1 Voxer Session, Zoom Voice, or Zoom Video Meeting

You select the format for your private 1:1 session from the options below:

Voxer is a free app for your cell phone or computer. It is a good choice for dog owners who don’t have an hour to meet via video or phone during the workday. Private Voxer 1:1 nutrition consultation sessions with me, allow you to get your questions answered with a mix of both voice and text and these sessions are done in the app across the scheduled day between 9 AM – 2 PM Pacific Time Zone. All Voxer threads are replied to within 60 minutes. This perfect blend of both talking and texting, allows you to multi-task your session with your busy day if needed. A Voxer session gives you the ability to space out your questions and time to think of follow up questions you might have for me that don’t always come to mind so quickly during a video meeting or a phone call. Voxer 1:1s are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays during regular business hours. Voxer sessions are typically scheduled sooner than Zoom Voice and Zoom Video due to it being a more flexible option (These are becoming a client favorite!)

Zoom Voice consults are private 1:1 sessions done via phone call on the Zoom platform. This is a 60-minute Zoom voice session, during which live questions and answers take place. Zoom voice sessions are a great fit for dog owners who want live time Q&A with conversation. Zoom Voice 1:1 sessions are available on Tuesdays & Fridays during regular business hours. They are typically scheduled about one week in advance based on current availability. 

Zoom Video meetings are held via live video on the Zoom platform. They are available in 60-minute sessions. Screen sharing on my end is included if I want to teach about or refer you to something specific that is relevant to a topic we are discussing. These are a great option for a dog owner who wants face to face time or who wants to show me their dog or perhaps ingredients, supplements, or other diet-related products. Zoom Video meetings are available on Fridays during regular business hours & are typically scheduled one to two weeks in advance, based upon current availability. 

Client Offboarding Package

A wrap-up document outlining the 1:1 session and any relevant links to topics we discussed, additional service information & a returning client discount to be used in the future if desired. 

Not Currently Booking Consultations

1:1 Consultation Options for Typical Puppies and Adult Dogs

There is a maximum of three dogs, be it puppies or adults per consult. There isn’t adequate time to allow for discussion of more than three dogs of any age per 1:1 session. If you have more than three dogs, we can schedule additional sessions at a reduced rate. Contact to discuss.  

These 1:1 sessions do not include recipe formulations.

These consultations are for dog owners only and are not diet formulation training sessions. If you are a dog owner who would like information about formulation courses and workshops, please email

These sessions are not for professional formulators or canine nutrition professionals. If you are a professional formulator or canine nutrition professional interested in a consultation or workshop, please email to discuss.