SCRFD uses a feed the dog in front of you approach to creating feeding plans for dogs

I handle the “Raw Feeders Math” with the SCRFD proprietary meal formulation program that is not boilerplate 80/10/5/5. That ratio doesn’t work for all dogs.

The software allows me to tell it specifically about YOUR dog and generates math and ingredients based on what we tell it about your dog. Your dog deserves to eat an optimal and healthful diet built for them and we developed a system to help you make that happen.

The system was developed in-house just for SoCal Raw Fed Dogs

Nutrition Profile for your Dog

I create a health history profile for your dog where all of your dog’s documents are housed. Any medical records, laboratory analysis reports, medication information, etc. are used when building a plan. Careful documentation and reporting are needed to effectively track your pet’s nutritional health so any changes are uploaded here for future reference.

I create a nutrition portal for your pet so I can keep all of the nutrition records in your private pet portal. Careful documentation and reporting are needed to effectively track your pet’s nutritional health.

A Rotation Plan of Quality Proteins + Other Appropriate Food Supplements

Selecting foods that work with each other is important in feeding a healthful raw diet and because of that, I select foods that bring the nutritional value your dog needs. The PMR+ plan comes with 8 meals that are biologically appropriate for dogs. They are built from a ratio foundation and then balancing foods are additionally added. This method is not precise per NRC but rather, NRC recommended nutrients are Incorporated.

Ingredients List

I take the guesswork out of what to buy & how much of it to buy. An ingredients list is provided for you to take to the store or shop online with. Amounts are indicated for each meal.

Lacto-Fermentation Instructions

Your pet portal includes a tab with equipment and supplies information and a step by step guide on lacto-fermenting vegetables at home for your dog.

Prep Directions

I wouldn’t give you a plan and not tell you how to execute it! I send you prep instructions so you can take charge of your pet’s meals and put them together like a raw feeding pro.

Two Weeks of Email Support

You’re going to have questions and I’m going to be here for you. I provide two weeks of email support to clients so I can answer any questions you might have or help you with an adjustment you might need.

PMR+ plans are not an appropriate method to feed puppies or pregnant/lactating females. Visit the menu to view details for these options.

I’m not currently taking new PMR+ clients due to puppy and breeding client loads.

Normal turnaround time for PMR+ plans is two weeks.

Please note I am not open on the weekends or any major holidays.

Custom PMR+ Feeding Plan Cost: $80