Below are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Do You Ship Raw to my Zip Code?

We ship raw to zip codes in the following counties: Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura. If you live in a zip code within one of these counties and you find at checkout we do not ship raw to you for some reason, please contact us.

I don’t live in Southern California, may I still order raw?

No, we are sorry! We only serve SoCal dogs on a raw diet. 

Can I order dried treats and other non-raw items for my dog if I live in another state?

YES! You can order dried treats and other dry items such as herbs, sea vegetables, and holistic items like paw salves and skin + coat rinses, etc. Drop us an email and we’ll help you set up an outside of SoCal customer account.

How long does it take to complete my custom order?

It takes an average of 10 working days currently to complete orders. Should there be a delay, we will email you right away. When your order is complete + ready for shipping, we will send you an email. Weekends do not count as working days nor do days we are closed for holidays. *We observe all major Holidays because we are a Marine Corps family owned biz.

Please note: we cannot control outside kitchen schedules or their seasonal closures. On occasion, vendors experience delays for various reasons they can’t help. We cannot control that & we work closely with our vendors to stay in the know.

When will my order ship and how will it ship?

Orders ship within 2 working days of their completion. You will receive a completion email and then an email with your shipping information, including the tracking number. Your order will be sent to you via overnight. Because we deal with raw food, it’s important to expedite the delivery process. In most cases, our raw takes less than 24 hours to arrive once shipped. Once again, you will receive a completion email and a tracking info email once your order is ready to go.

Can I set up auto-ship?

Yes. When we converted our shop to a fully private client experience we opened up an auto-order option. You can elect to have your raw shipped to you during the same week each month as a standing shipment. Your client agreement will contain an added section outlining your preferred shipping timeframe. 

I saw there is a minimum weight of 15 lbs. of SCRFD foods required for raw orders. Can I add other brands too?

There is a minimum weight of 15 lbs. of SoCal Raw Fed Dogs raw foods required for shipping which means other brands can absolutely be added to your cart if we are hosting outside brands at the time but these brands must be added at the 16 lbs. mark.

How will my raw order be packaged?

We use two size boxes to ship that are lined with insulated foam & packed with food-grade frozen gel packs. Items are raw meats and foods that come out of sub-zero freezers and normal refrigerator zones and they need to have other like items to “hug” while on the way to you. As soon as food leaves a freezer, the natural thawing process begins. If there are less than 15 lbs. in the box, the foods may thaw too fast.

Am I able to add dried goods to my raw shipment?

You can add dry items to your order of course! But we need you to meet the minimum 15 lbs. of SCRFD raw for us to ship any raw to you and that first 15 lbs. must be the SCRFD brand. We can ship dry items at any weight; there is no minimum with dry goods orders only.

What happens if I place an order for less than 15 lbs. of raw?

If you place an order for under 15 pounds of raw your order will be placed on hold and we will contact you to let you know you need to add to your order to meet the 15 lbs. minimum of raw for shipping.

I totally understand that shipped food can partially thaw, can I refreeze it?

Yep! Natural thawing is a common occurrence and you may likely receive items that are partially thawed. You can stick them right into the freezer and refreeze. In fact, we mark our shipping boxes with FREEZE UPON ARRIVAL labels.

Please note: It is normal for your bags and containers to “sweat” in transit. Frozen items can cause packages to become wet depending on what kind of raw item it is. The change in temperature changes the food and slight weight can be lost.

Is pick up available?

Pick up is limitedly available. Pick up is by appointment only and is scheduled in advance. Pick up orders do not always pick up immediately upon completion. Pick up is generally open once every few weeks. Send us an email before you order if you are interested in picking up. Our pickup slots are very limited so it is best to anticipate having your order shipped.

Are there refund or exchanges?

All orders are custom and being of the raw and perishable nature we do not offer exchanges or refunds.