Connect with Other Feeders in Your Community

Networking with other local Southern California raw feeders is a fantastic way to maximize your raw feeding budget! You can find people to cooperate on orders with to get the best prices, share driving for pick-up, and make raw feeding friends. The below map marks SoCal Raw Fed Dogs members across Southern California; search for local members in your area and add yourself to the map.


Adding Yourself to the Map

Your device determines where you find  “+” symbol to add yourself to the map. Some devices will have it in the upper right-hand corner of the map while others may have a menu bar on the left of the map. You would press that menu and then press “+” on those devices. If you have any issues adding yourself to the map, please let us know via the Contact Us tab and we will get you taken care of!

It is very important to save your unique member’s URL once you add yourself to the map. You need your link to make any edits in the future. 

Viewing Fellow Southern California Raw Feeders on the Map

To view a member’s information on the map you will click or press the icon and it will open a bio-box for that member. You can scroll down within that bio-box to view the full information that member has provided. You can also move the map around with your mouse or two fingers if on a mobile device. Moving the map around will allow you to view all of the members on the map. Many members are located in the same cities so the markers will cluster. Zoom in close and the markers will separate for you.

When contacting a fellow SoCal Raw Fed Dogs member, be sure to let them know that you’re connecting with them through the member’s map.