All balanced raw diet recipes for typical adult dogs are formulated to meet or appropriately exceed nutrition standards for canines with the dog’s breed and specific physiology taken into account.

NRC 2006 or FEDIAF 2019 standards are used.

A caloric based recipe(s) is carefully formulated for each dog using muscle meats, raw meaty bones, organs, and other whole foods and appropriate food grade supplements.

It is important to provide a complete diet that is balanced for your dog’s breed, age, metabolism, individual frame, & other specifics that are critical to feeding the dog in front of you.

Nutrition Profile for your Dog

I create a health history profile for your dog where all of your dog’s documents are housed. Any medical records, laboratory analysis reports, medication information, etc. are used when building a diet plan. Careful documentation and reporting are needed to effectively track your pet’s nutritional health so any changes are uploaded here for future reference.

A Balanced Raw Recipe

A single raw recipe formulated for a seven day batch than you can divide or multiple for your desired batch size. You dog’s recipe(s) is formulated using raw feeding guidelines and balanced per nutrition standards recommended for your dog. The recipe that is formulated for your dog will not be applicable to another dogs as the formulation is that specific.

 Ingredients List

I take the guesswork out of what to buy & how much to buy with a complete ingredients list that includes measurements. You can take this with you to the store and use it to shop online with to buy the amount you need based on your meal or batch size.

Lacto-Fermentation Instructions

Your pet portal includes a tab with equipment and supplies information and a step by step guide on lacto-fermenting vegetables at home for your dog.

Prep Directions

I wouldn’t give you a plan and not tell you how to execute it! Prep instructions are provided so you can take charge of your dog’s meals and put them together like a raw feeding pro.

Two Weeks of Client Support (Mon-Fri, During Regular Office Hours)

I provide two weeks of client support to my clients so I can answer any questions you might have or help you with an adjustment you might need. 

Due to high volume of puppy, gestation & therapeutic formulations + my school load, I am not currently taking new typical adult cases unless they are the pack-mate to a puppy client or they’re an existing client.

My normal turnaround for a typical adult dog is about two weeks.

I’m presently referring typical adult formulations to the following canine nutrition professionals:

Be sure to tell them you came from me so you can ensure you grab a slot in their schedule.

Listed in order of wait time

Fed to Thrive Diet Formulating Services • Chelsea McGinnis, Cert. CN

Old Town Veterinary Hospital • Dr. Vanessa Teresi, DVM

Feed Thy Dog Canine Nutrition & Diet Formulating Services • Savannah Welna, Cert. ACN

Please note, I am not open on the weekends or any major holidays.

Each request form is for one typical adult dog. If you have more than one dog that you would like recipes formulated for you will need to complete a request form for each dog up to two dogs. More than 2 dogs (this means three or more dogs) is considered a pack formulation. Please contact directly request a discounted pack formulation quote.

Each recipe includes one minor adjustment to the type of ingredients used for fiber and or carbs and or antioxidants, as anything further than that would cause the recipe to be imbalanced and require a complete reformulation.

  • Single Complete + Balanced Recipe & One Beneficial Snack Recipe... $60
  • Two Complete + Balanced Recipes & Two Beneficial Snack Recipes... $100
  • Three Complete + Balanced Recipes & Two Beneficial Snack Recipes.... $130