Puppies are hands down one of my favorite stages of life to work with. Every breed is unique, each phase of puppy-hood brings something new, they’re fun, they’re cute, & their nutrition needs are very specific. No two puppies are identical and so that means we have to treat them & feed them as the individuals they are.

Puppy 1:1’s are a good fit for puppy owners who want to talk about something specific or who want to learn the about the nutritional needs of their puppy.

One Hour Phone Call

We will have a 1:1 call together to discuss the topics you submitted on your form.  Consultation calls are scheduled for Fridays & Saturday mornings (US date zone, Pacific time zone).

Puppy Portal

I’ll create a puppy portal for you that will be available the day of your consult call.

Consult Call Notes

This is a tab inside of your puppy portal and it will have a detailed report containing what we discussed during your call. It will be uploaded on the Wednesday following your consultation.

One Recipe Analysis (on your provided recipe)

Your consultation can include an analysis of one recipe you provide for the puppy we are going to discuss during the consult. I’ll review the recipe and check where it falls in regards to recommended nutrient allowances set in place by the NRC (2006) for your pup’s specific stage of growth. There’s more to meal formulation than meeting numbers on a paper so I’ll evaluate if it’s a good fit for your puppy as well. 

If you’d like the analysis done, I’m happy to do so and you may upload the recipe on your intake form below and I will complete the analysis prior to our call and we will discuss the findings together. You do not have to have a recipe analysis done as part of the consult. If you’d like to use the time to fully have a Q & A session about your puppy we can do that.

*Please note, this is for one recipe and it must be provided to me at the time of your form submission, it cannot be sent over at a later date as I will not have blocked off time for it.

This does not include a new formulation or a reformulation of the recipe you provide. It is an analysis of your existing recipe only. 

Antioxidant Support Recipe

Antioxidants prevent or reduce formation of free radicals. Free radical scavengers include Vitamins A, C, and E, Selenium, Flavonoids and Carotenoids; L-Carnitine and Alpha-Lipoic Acid.

Controlling peroxidation with natural antioxidants include ingredients such as Tocopherols (vitamin E), Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), and many vegetables & fruits options. The consult includes one snack recipe for your puppy that offers antioxidant benefits.

Consult + Recipe Option

If you would like a new recipe formulated as part of your 1:1 consult, you will receive a 15% discount on the puppy recipe formulation.

  • One-Hour Puppy Consultation... $90
  • One-Hour Puppy Consultation + One Balanced Recipe... $153