Consultations are a good fit for dog owners who want to talk about something specific regarding their dog or who want to learn the basics to raw feeding a typical adult dog. These give you, the dog owner, the ability to directly ask questions in live time and received nutrition information applicable to your particular dog.

Pet Portal

I create a pet portal for you that will be available the Monday afternoon, after your consult.

Consult Call Notes

This tab will have a detailed report about what we talked about during your call.

Gut Support Information

This tab will give you guidance based on our conversation, about how you can best provide gut support for your dog to help keep their digestive system working optimally & in turn, their internal systems as well.

Antioxidant Snack Recipe

A snack recipe for your dog that offers antioxidant benefits.

Follow-Up Support

Your consultation includes 5 days (Mon-Fri, during working hours) of support.

*New: Support is now done via the @workplace chat app (owned by Facebook & found in your smartphone’s app store). This is a free app where you & I will communicate if you are in need of support during the 5 days after your call. The 5 days begins the Monday afternoon, once you receive your pet portal login information.

  • 1-Hour Phone Consultation... $90

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