Pregnancy & lactation are critical times to provide optimal nutrition

All balanced raw diet recipes for pregnant females/lactating mothers are formulated to meet individual needs, bases the guidelines published by National Research Council’s book on Nutrient Requirements for Dogs and Cats (NRC) 2006 edition. 

Recipes are carefully formulated using whole foods and appropriate food grade supplements. It is important to provide a nourishing diet that optimally supports your female & her litter. Depending on which stage of pregnancy/lactation your female is at determines how her meals are formulated. The further along your female gets in her pregnancy, the more her energy needs increase to support her litter.

The later stages of gestation require your female to eat frequent, balanced meals + snacks. At the latest stage of gestation, calcium considerations become an even more crucial focus and it is very important to properly change the calcium intake.

Lactation brings high demands of energy on the dam and she must be fed frequently and calorically appropriate to support her own body and the growing pups in her litter.

Caloric intake increases dramatically and careful attention is crucial to properly configure the appropriate meals and snacks for lactation. The dam’s diet impacts her milk production. Weeks 3 and 4 of lactation are generally the most demanding on the dam. Appropriate adjustments to calories, types of calories, and calcium among other nutrients during this time are crucial.

Raw Nutrition Profile for Your Breeding Dog

I create a nutrition profile for your female so we can keep all of the documents in your private pet portal. Careful documentation and reporting are needed to effectively track your pet’s nutritional health.

A Balanced Raw Feeding Plan

Your dog’s recipe is formulated using raw feeding guidelines and balanced per recommended nutrition standards for her particular needs at that phase of pregnancy/lactation.

Ingredients List

I take the guesswork out of what to buy & how much to buy.

Prep Directions

I wouldn’t give you a plan and not tell you how to execute it! Prep instructions are included so you can be in control of your female’s meals.

Email Support

You’re going to have questions and I am going to be here for you. I provide email support to my clients so I can answer any questions you might have or help you with an adjustment you might need. 

It is currently an 18 working day timeframe for raw diet formulations for pregnant/lactating females with the exception of full scope formulation. If it is an emergency then reach out to me via email and we can talk about it & see what I can do!

If you desire full scope formulation to support your female from week one of gestation through week four of lactation (weaning week), a custom timeframe will be scheduled with you directly to ensure the entire duration of whelp is fully supported on the proper time schedule.

It’s best to plan ahead if you are planning a breeding.

Please note, I am not open on the weekends or any major holidays.

Each form is for one pregnant/lactating female. If you have more than one pregnant/lactating female that you would like gestation/lactation recipes formulated for you will need to complete a request form for each female as these recipes are not able to be interchanged from dog to dog as they are based on the dam’s particular needs and her litter size. More than 2 pregnant/lactating females (this means three or more breeding dogs) is considered a breeding kennel formulation. Please use the contact form to directly request a discounted breeding kennel formulation quote.

Each recipe includes one minor adjustment to the type of vegetables or fruits used for fiber and or carbs and or antioxidants as anything further than that would cause the recipe to be imbalanced and require a complete reformulation.

  • Weeks 1-4 of Gestation, Two Recipes & One Snack.... $125
  • Weeks 1-4 of Gestation, Four Recipes & Two Snacks.... $195
  • Weeks 5-6 of Gestation, Two Recipes & Two Snacks.... $180
  • Weeks 7-9 of Gestation, Two Recipes + Two Late Term Gestation Snacks.... $190
  • Week 1 of Lactation, Two Recipes & Two Lactation Snacks.... $210 *litter needs are factored
  • Week 2 of Lactation, Three Recipes & Two Lactation Snacks... $270 *litter needs are factored
  • Week 3 of Lactation, Three Recipes & Two Lactation Snacks.... $270 *litter needs are factored
  • Week 4 of Lactation, Two Recipes, Two Lactation Snacks, & One Weaning Recipe for the Litter.... $315 *litter needs are factored
  • Full Scope Gestation + Lactation Formulation for Week One of Gestation Through Weaning (lactation, week four) Includes: Weeks 1-4 of Gestation: Three Recipes & Two Snacks • Weeks 5-9: Three Recipes & Two Snacks • Weeks 1-3 of Lactation: Three Recipes & Two Lactation Snacks • Week 4 of Lactation: Two Recipes & Two Lactation Snacks w/ One Weaning Recipe... $1400

ACH Payment Plan is offered for full scope support services. This is the only option that payments are offered for. Send me an email to find out the details.