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The raw feeding & canine nutrition workshop outlined below is for typical & healthy adult dogs.

This is not for therapeutic dogs of any age nor puppies or pregnant/lactating dogs.

This workshop is a good fit for dog owners who want to learn about balanced feeding for adult dogs & how to apply nutrition recommendations to their particular dog’s needs. 

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Client Portal

Your client portal is created where your documents are housed: All client forms, a copy of your signed contract and paid invoice, your workshop materials, & other relevant documents. 

Workshop Enrollment Package

A welcome package outlining what you can expect from your workshop, the tech information you’ll need to access your workshop materials & your private sessions, my office hours & points of contact, the syllabus for your workshop, and access to my schedule so you can schedule the dates & times for your private sessions.

Four (4) Private Sessions

Workshops are taught in weekly online private sessions across four (4) weeks. All workshops include one 60-minute weekly session that is 45-minutes of instruction with education modules + 15-minutes for questions & discussion after the lesson. 

  • The Basics Of an Adult Dog’s Energy Needs
  • NRC Nutrient Requirements of Adult Dogs (not pregnant/lactating) 
  • Education About Bioavailable Sources Of Essential Nutrients: Whole Foods and Manufactured Supplements
  • Information About How To Easily Build Bowls & Guidance On What Will Work Best For Your Dog’s Particular Needs (This includes functional system support information)
  • A Toolkit To Figure Out Your Dog’s Needs + Workshop Materials To Look Back Through

Workshop Scheduling Fees & Payment Options

Raw Feeding & Canine Nutrition Workshop Program • Four Weekly 60-Minute Sessions with Owner Tools & Workshop Materials

This workshop does not include recipes formulated by me or formal formulation training. I teach you how to feed your particular adult dog.

These sessions are not for professional formulators. If you are interested in a professional consultation with me or my Canine Nutrition Professional (CNP™) Certificate Program, please visit the pro tab on the menu and/or email support@socalrawfeddogs.com to discuss.