raw feeding puppies workshop

The raw feeding & canine nutrition workshop outlined below is for typical & healthy puppies.

This is not for therapeutic dogs of any age nor adult dogs at maintenance or pregnant/lactating dogs.

This workshop is a good fit for dog owners who want to learn about balanced feeding for their puppy & how to apply nutrition recommendations to their particular puppy’s needs.

The raw feeding puppies workshops are one week longer than the raw feeding adult dogs workshops because there is more to teach and talk about when it comes to puppies.

raw diet workshops for adult dogs owners

Client Portal

Your client portal is created where your documents are housed: All client forms, a copy of your signed contract and paid invoice, your workshop materials, & other relevant documents. 

Workshop Enrollment Package

A welcome package outlining what you can expect from your workshop, the tech information you’ll need to access your workshop materials & your private sessions, my office hours & points of contact, the syllabus for your workshop, and access to my schedule so you can schedule the dates & times for your private sessions.

Five (5) Private Sessions

Workshops are taught in weekly online private sessions across five (5) weeks. The workshops include four (4) weeks of one 60-minute weekly session that is 45-minutes of instruction with education modules + 15-minutes for questions & discussion after the lesson and week five is a 60-minute review and interactive discussion. 

  • Daily Energy Requirements for Growth
  • NRC Nutrient Requirements for Growth 
  • Education About Bioavailable Sources Of Essential Nutrients: Whole Foods and Manufactured Supplements
  • Information About How To Easily Build Bowls & Guidance On What Will Work Best For Your Puppy’s Particular Needs (This includes functional system support information)
  • A Toolkit To Figure Out Your Puppy’s Needs + Workshop Materials To Look Back Through

Workshop Scheduling Fees & Payment Options

This workshop program is about raw feeding puppies and is open to dog owners only.

This workshop does not include recipes formulated by me or formal formulation training. I teach you how to feed your particular puppy to support it through growth.

These sessions are not for professional formulators. If you are interested in a professional consultation with me or my Canine Nutrition Professional (CNP™) Certificate Program, please visit the pro tab on the menu and/or email support@socalrawfeddogs.com to discuss.

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Raw Feeding & Canine Nutrition Workshop Overview (Puppy Owners) 2021