A comprehensive recipe analysis of raw or home cooked diets

Using my experience & in-house proprietary softwares, I asses + provide feedback regarding any nutritional gaps/deficiencies I find in the meal(s) you submit for evaluation. I offer analysis for a variety of feeding methodologies to include:

NRC • FEDIAF • AAFCO • PMR+ • BARF • PMR • Home Cooked

A PDF document reflecting your meal’s macro-nutrients with the micro-nutrients evaluation broken down for you.

This scope will also include your submission’s Ca:P ratio & Omega 6 : Omega 3 ratio. 

Areas of the meal that meet/exceed the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) will be discussed and areas that are short/deficient will be highlighted for attention.

Information regarding foods that are key to keep in your meal and what foods should be replaced based on their particular interactions or what they are negatively affecting in the meal with their presence.

I am currently on a 7 working day time-frame for recipe analysis for one-three recipes 

Please note, we aren’t open on the weekends or any major holidays.

Each request form is for one-three raw or cooked recipes. If you have more than three recipes you would like to have evaluated (this means recipe number four and up), it is considered a bulk-analysis. Please contact directly request a bulk-rate.

Recipe Analysis does not include a new recipe or adjustments to your existing recipe. It provides the analysis and recommendations on how you can improve it yourself directly.

Recipe Analysis Price List

  • Single Recipe... $45
  • Two Recipes... $90
  • Three Recipes... $135