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Privatization In Progress

As a custom raw company, we handle an exciting, humbling, & truly staggering level of orders each week! #gratefulandblessed

In year two of SCRFD, we opened our online shop to the public at the request of our beloved raw feeding community. It’s been open to the public for about a year & it just isn’t our jam. Manufacturing mass orders isn’t custom & our approach is feeding the dog in front of you. We want to focus on the fully custom services we offer so we have closed the shop to the general public & are serving private clients only.

Our raw shop is open for window shopping so feeders can see what we have to offer and view current prices on our raw. You can scroll through it below!

If you are interested in becoming a private client, you may learn about how it works under the shop tab on the menu.

If You Are An Existing Retail Partner, Please Visit The Retailer Log-in.

We only ship raw to dogs living in Southern California. We do not offer same day shipping. We ship overnight to protect the integrity of your order. We require a minimum of 15 lbs. for raw shipping. 

Please view our FAQ section to view frequently asked questions

All orders over 100 lbs. require special arrangements. Please contact us directly to place an oversized.

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