I’m not currently taking new therapeutic diet clients. 

If you’ve found your way here then it means your dog is dealing with something that you are looking for help with managing via their diet. I know it can be stressful to have an unwell animal.

I formulate and plan for a few conditions that can be corrected or managed via diet. I am only working with gut and or allergy/intolerance cases at this time.

If your dog is dealing with something else then please feel free to send me an email and I will refer you to someone who specializes in that particular area.

Because therapeutic diets are very specific, I don’t offer the option to outright purchase them upfront as I do with the other diet formulation/planning services. It’s important for me to get the scope of what your dog is dealing with to ensure that I am the right person to work on your dog’s case and I need to check that my current planning schedule has the space needed to dedicate to creating what your dog needs. I’ll need to be able to potentially access your veterinarian to ask questions. Documents of previous visits prior to illness will be something I request you upload so I can get a picture of what your dog’s health was like before.

Veterinary visits and Lab work may be needed, and a daily wellness + symptoms journal kept, depending on your dog’s issue. Foods, herbs, and possibly supplements your dog hasn’t had before may very well be a part of the restorative process.

Focused Conditions

  • Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut)... $110
  • Inflammation Management and/or Immune System Issues... $110

I am not open on the weekends or major holidays.

Health and Nutrition Profile for your Dog

I create a health history profile for your dog where all of your dog’s documents are housed. Any medical records, laboratory analysis reports, medication information, etc. are used when building a restorative plan. Careful documentation and reporting are needed to effectively track your pet’s nutritional health so any changes are uploaded here for future reference.

A Restorative Recipe

One restorative recipe formulated for a seven day batch per the nutrition needs of your dog. 

Ingredients List

A full ingredients list is provided so you can take it to the store and use it for online shopping to buy the amounts of ingredients you need. Some things may not be easily accessible in person that your dog needs so it is important to know that upfront and be prepared to order online.

A Guided Protocol to Support your Dog’s Condition

What this includes is based on your dog’s needs. If herbal support or fermentation support are a recommend part of the protocol then information about the respective component will be included with a recipe or action steps. If your dog is in need of a different type of support then that too will be indicated.

Prep Directions

Your recipe will come with instructions for you.

Four Weeks of Support

I provide four weeks of support to my therapeutic clients so I can answer any questions you might have and we can make any adjustments we may need to make. If you desire or need additional support time, it can be added for a consult fee.