Weight management services include an analysis of your dog’s current diet to show where it is flawed; be it your dog is overweight or underweight, what is in or not in the bowl is contributing to their issue so it’s important to have an accurate analysis of what they’ve been eating to launch from.  Depending on your dogs specific situation, a blood panel and urine check may be needed. If your dog has a thyroid diagnosis then a therapeutic diet plan would be the right fit. The weight management services discussed here are for typical pets with no medical issues but rather specific issues with nutrition related weight issues.  

What is Overweight?

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention offers a canine body condition score chart and a muscle condition score chart for you to use as guides. Another tool is the weight chart for your dog’s breed. The chart gives the breed minimum and maximum weights for its standard. Sometimes it is hard to see or admit that our dog might be holding onto a little bit of weight but it is important to quickly address the issue and put the dog on a weight reduction plan. Obesity in dogs is common and it can do severe damage to the dog’s skeletal frame and internal systems & organs.

What is Underweight?

Underweight is not lean. A lean dog is a good weight which the above referenced charts can help you determine. An undweight dog needs to be fed the right types of foods that synergistically work together to create the right balance that will nourish and add weight to your dog. It is important that you don’t just double your dog’s meals, this can lead to bloat and GI upset that won’t be fun for you or your dog to deal with.  

You can download both of the charts at the bottom of this page to help you make an initial assessment

  • Single Complete + Balanced Recipe & One Snack Recipe for Weight Management... $70
  • Two Complete + Balanced Recipes & One Snack Recipe for Weight Management... $115
  • Three Complete + Balanced Recipes & Two Snack Recipes for Weight Management... $145

If you’re in need of weight management formulation/planning for your dog, please contact directly via the envelope icon on the site. I do not currently have the option to outright purchase these particular services right now because these types of plans are very specific and I’m currently working with a short wait list. I want to ensure I have the schedule space needed to dedicate to your dog. I am actively taking weight management clients, just give me a shout.