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We only ship raw to dogs living in Southern California.

If you place a raw order & you do not live in a SoCal zip code; your order will be cancelled & refunded to you. (we are sorry!)

We do ship dry items US wide.

Please note: We are growing & we are slammed! #gratefulandblessed

All orders are custom & are currently processing at roughly a 12-14 days timeframe.

Black Friday orders consisting of outside vendor items will be processed based on that vendor’s own kitchen schedule.

We do not offer same day shipping.

We do offer limited pick up by appointment only at our kitchen & appointments are scheduled in advance. Please see our ordering & shipping FAQs tab for details.

We ship overnight to protect the integrity of your order.

Orders between 40 lbs – 75 lbs get you the best per lb shipping rate. The “sweetspot” is 50 lbs. 

We require a minimum of 15 lbs. for raw shipping. Please fill your cart with at least 15 lbs.

All orders over 100 lbs. require special arrangements. Please contact us directly to place your order.

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