SoCal Raw Fed Dogs is a global canine nutrition education + diet formulating company.

My passion is teaching dog owners how to put together an optimal diet for their dogs using straightforward and sustainable recipes & systems. I believe it is vital to feed the dog in front of you for their specific nutritional needs.

Online owner workshops & professional courses & programs are available intermittently throughout the year.

Lunch for my 52 lbs. Lab puppy
Today’s Bowl ⬇️
🐂 USDA Beef
🦆 Organic Duck Neck
🎣 Sardine
🤢 Grass-Fed Green Tripe
♥️ Grass-Fed Beef Heart
🥚 Pasture Raised Hen Egg
🐖 USDA Pork with Fat
🌱 Organic Spinach
🐂 Grass-Fed Beef Liver
🐂 USDA Beef Kidney
🌻 Natural Vitamin E
🌊 Organic Kelp
🦴 Custom Joint Support Mix

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💡 Raw feeding + canine nutrition workshops are back! These are the two most highly requested dog owner workshops that I offer.

💰 You may have already seen some of the feeding community sharing their personal discount codes. If you know someone who has a discount code, ask them to share it with you! Current codes are valid through June 30, 2021.

♥️ These workshops are not offered year-round so if you are someone who has been waiting to take one since the last time they were available in 2019, here you go!

🪜Workshops are four weeks for the adult dog workshop or five weeks for the puppy workshop, I teach you about:

⚖️ Caloric Intake Needs
🧩 Nutrient Requirements
🦪 Bioavailable Essential Nutrients
🥩 How to Build Bowls for Your Dog
🧰 Owner’s Toolkit*

*Includes calculators that are not available to the general public on the main website.

Payment options are available & enrollment is now open! Please visit the website, and click or press the “services + workshops” tab to view the full details.

🗝 These workshops are open to dog owners only. All professional inquiries regarding a peer to peer consultation or enrollment in my canine nutrition professional certificate program (CNP™) can be emailed to

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#fbf the WHY behind SCRFD.

My raw fed good boy after AKC Good Citizen training 4 years ago today. My best friend, my boy, my soul dog. 👱🏼‍♀️🐾🐾♥️

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Happy New Year!

🐷 USDA Pork Loin
🐂 USDA Lean Ground Beef
🦆 California Organic Duck Hearts
🦆 California Organic Duck Feet
🎣 Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon
🐂 California Grass Fed Beef Liver
🐂 California Grass Fed Beef Kidney
🌱 Organic Hemp Heart Powder
🌻 Natural Vitamin E Oil
🌊 Organic Kelp Powder
🧫 Fermented Organic Veggie Mix*
🍎 Apple Fiber
🤍 Superfood Bomb: Organic Raw Cow Kefir & Organic Spirulina
🤎 Gingerbread Man: Shroom Mix*

*Fermented Organic Veggie Mix:
Red Cabbage
Yellow Squash

*Ethically Sourced Shroom Mix:
Turkey Tail
Lion’s Mane

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