SoCal Raw Fed Dogs is based in Southern California. We’re a small raw feeding formulating biz + custom raw shop.

Our passion is helping dog owners access quality raw foods for their dogs and teaching them how to feed them together to offer their dog a healthful diet. Our clients are guided on how to make purchases within their budget with us & in their local neighborhoods so they can access what they need for their dog easily and daily.

Our private online shop offers a lot of fantastic raw items in single to mini-bulk options. Some of our clients have a standing mini-bulk order that they receive on auto-scheduled delivery.

We operate from a commercial kitchen so we don’t have a storefront that serves walk-in traffic.

We serve raw fed dogs on a direct one on one basis. Nothing we offer is a template. We believe that it is vital to feed the dog in front of you to optimally provide your dog with its personal nutrition needs. Because of this, our formulating software was developed to adjust ratios and ingredients varieties and amounts per your specific dog’s needs. It goes beyond the numbers though and is truly about feeding your dog real foods; that nourish and benefit. We can formulate for a variety of feeding methodologies and we will guide you on what is the best plan for your dog.