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🦆 What are duck feet made of & why are they a great choice when reaching for a raw meaty bone?

Raw duck feet are an excellent choice for raw feeding because they contain a wealth of not only essential nutrients but they also provide functional support.

Essential nutrient wise, duck feet bring a good amount of amino acids, a good amount of calcium, & the phosphorus content is low; so they allow for owners of older dogs or dogs with organ related illnesses who raw feed to use them without having to worry about them contributing to a high phosphorus load.

There’s two common types of raw duck feet feeders use so I did testing on both. They came in pretty identical in many areas. Here’s a few details I pulled from the analysis reports about them:

Moisture: 58.13%
Protein: 22.45%
Fat: 11.98%-12.11%
Ash: 7.31%-7.44%
Calcium: 3.98%-4%
Phosphorus: 1.9%

Collagen types I, II, & III are all present in duck feet with each of these providing an appreciable amount of supportive function for the musculoskeletal system. Collagen provides joint support, ligament support, & helps repair muscles; as well as being a skin supporter.

Duck collagen is not a powder sold commercially so the best way to extract it is to do it yourself by making a bone broth with the feet. Keep in mind the more potent the collagen extraction, the more fat it will contain, which isn’t a bad thing but can cause a bit of GI distress in some dogs. Spooning a small amount of bone broth gel into the bowl a bit at a time is the best way to ease it into your dog’s system.

Hands down one of my very favorite raw meaty bones to feed.

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If you have a picky pup, these frozen organ bites are a great way to sneak essential nutrients in!

You can feed them as a treat or throw them in the bowl for your adult dog.

Want to know what they offer & how to make them? Check out the how-to reel on my profile!

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⚖️ I told my dog he’d better give me a “job well done” shake before he dug in! 😂

🔍 Bowl Breakdown-

One of two meals for an intact 90 lbs adult male Lab ⬇️

Meal Volume: 1.5 lbs
Protein: 48.7%
Fat: 49.0%
Carb: 2.3%

🐂 USDA Top Round Beef
🦆 Duck Head*
🎣 Sardine
🐖 USDA Pork Loin
🫀Grass Fed Beef Heart
🦪 Oysters
🥗 Celery + Cabbage
💙 Blue Mussel
🐖 Pork Back-Fat
🐂 Grass Fed Beef Liver
🦴 Joint Support Powder*
🌱Organic Hempseed Oil
🌊 Organic Kelp
🌻 Naturally Derived Vitamin E

🦆 *Added benefits of feeding duck heads: Keratin, eyes, & brain all bring functional boosts.

🦴 *Proactive joint support is important. Don’t wait for wear & tear signs to appear.

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🕷 I hope everyone’s dogs are having a spooktacular night!

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