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A Free Online Workshop for Dog Owners

SoCal Raw Fed Dogs is a global canine nutrition education + diet formulating company.

My passion is teaching dog owners how to put together an optimal diet for their dogs using straightforward and sustainable recipes & systems. I believe it is vital to feed the dog in front of you for their specific nutritional needs.

Online owner workshops & professional courses & programs are available throughout the year. Visit the appropriate tab on the main menu to learn details about the education you are interested in. 

Enrollment for the CNP™ Program is Currently Closed & Will Reopen for 6 Seats in late October. 

Visit the Canine Nutrition Professional Certificate Program information tab under courses & certificate programs on the main menu to view program details.

👀 I have some news to share later this week but first, a bowl post because it’s been a gooood long while since I’ve shared one!

This grass fed & finished beef is like butter. The small piece that’s on the right-I gently tore that with my fingers. I mean is there really anything better than a bomb ass GFF Beef? I’m having some for dinner tooooo.

I’ll do a bowl break down including the supplements:

🐂 GFF Steak
🦆 Organic Duck Hearts
🎣 Sardine
🦆 Duck Feet
🥑 Organic Avocado
🥚 Pasture Raised Hen Egg
🤍Organic Cauliflower
🌈 Organic Rainbow Chard
🐑 GFF Lamb Liver
🦪 Oyster
🫐Organic Blueberries
🌻 Natural Derived Vitamin E
🌊Organic Kelp
🦴 Joint Support Powder @californiaherbco

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A freezer of yummies for the dogs is so satisfying!

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🥳 I did a thing! I’ve automated the dog owner workshops!

📝 Busy dog owners have requested for me to automate the dog owner workshops for years & I resisted because I want you to actually learn what I’m teaching & not click through the content not absorbing or understanding.

💡 l always said if I found a way that I could comfortably automate while still ensuring you learned, that I would.

🎉 The automated dog owner workshops are here & they include an optional 1:1 session with me for the owners who still want that live education support!

🪄 I created a new automated format on the training site that is loaded with pre-recorded audio + video lessons of the content modules that I’ve always taught live & I added a couple of study guides and quizzes to help ensure comprehension support is still there.

👩🏼‍💻 An optional 1:1 session is self-scheduled just like the weekly sessions were before so if you don’t want the 1:1, you just won’t schedule it.

💰 Because I’m not going to be live with you on a weekly basis anymore, I’ve dropped the workshop costs for both of them.

♥️ You guys know the workshops have never been offered year-round since their inception in 2017 due to schedule restraints & now they will be thanks to the automation.

🥂 I’ve opened my affiliate program to dog owners as well because, why not! This used to only be open to professional students & my team.

🪜The full workshop details & new costs can be found over on the website.

🗝 These workshops are open to dog owners only. All professional inquiries regarding a peer to peer consultation/collaboration or enrollment in my canine nutrition professional certificate program (CNP™) can be emailed to

👀 By the way, the professional certificate program opened again over the weekend for new enrollment. There are only 4 seats this round. If you’ve been waiting… go apply!

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Lunch for my 52 lbs. Lab puppy
Today’s Bowl ⬇️
🐂 USDA Beef
🦆 Organic Duck Neck
🎣 Sardine
🤢 Grass-Fed Green Tripe
♥️ Grass-Fed Beef Heart
🥚 Pasture Raised Hen Egg
🐖 USDA Pork with Fat
🌱 Organic Spinach
🐂 Grass-Fed Beef Liver
🐂 USDA Beef Kidney
🌻 Natural Vitamin E
🌊 Organic Kelp
🦴 Custom Joint Support Mix

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