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🌟 The euphoria showing in this shiny sweetie’s eyes is what I call “raw euphoria.”

👀 It’s when the pupils are blown because the dog is mentally stimulated, excited, & happy.

🥚 🐇 The egg & rabbit foot Scout has pulled from her bowl are high value foods to her. She pulls things out that are most valuable to her & positions herself facing the other dogs who are eating in the yard as well.

🦷 Scout is a chewer; as you can see, she’s nibbling the egg with her front teeth. All three of my dogs do this with certain foods. They will nibble with the front teeth to get started and then slide the item to the side of their mouth to use their carnassial teeth to complete the tearing they want to do with that particular food.

🙌🏼 I love to watch them eat!

🚨 Be sure to always supervise when your dog is eating bones.

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🦆 What are duck feet made of & why are they a great choice when reaching for a raw meaty bone?

Raw duck feet are an excellent choice for raw feeding because they contain a wealth of not only essential nutrients but they also provide functional support.

Essential nutrient wise, duck feet bring a good amount of amino acids, a good amount of calcium, & the phosphorus content is low; so they allow for owners of older dogs or dogs with organ related illnesses who raw feed to use them without having to worry about them contributing to a high phosphorus load.

There’s two common types of raw duck feet feeders use so I did testing on both. They came in pretty identical in many areas. Here’s a few details I pulled from the analysis reports about them:

Moisture: 58.13%
Protein: 22.45%
Fat: 11.98%-12.11%
Ash: 7.31%-7.44%
Calcium: 3.98%-4%
Phosphorus: 1.9%

Collagen types I, II, & III are all present in duck feet with each of these providing an appreciable amount of supportive function for the musculoskeletal system. Collagen provides joint support, ligament support, & helps repair muscles; as well as being a skin supporter.

Duck collagen is not a powder sold commercially so the best way to extract it is to do it yourself by making a bone broth with the feet. Keep in mind the more potent the collagen extraction, the more fat it will contain, which isn’t a bad thing but can cause a bit of GI distress in some dogs. Spooning a small amount of bone broth gel into the bowl a bit at a time is the best way to ease it into your dog’s system.

Hands down one of my very favorite raw meaty bones to feed.

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If you have a picky pup, these frozen organ bites are a great way to sneak essential nutrients in!

You can feed them as a treat or throw them in the bowl for your adult dog.

Want to know what they offer & how to make them? Check out the how-to reel on my profile!

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⚖️ I told my dog he’d better give me a “job well done” shake before he dug in! 😂

🔍 Bowl Breakdown-

One of two meals for an intact 90 lbs adult male Lab ⬇️

Meal Volume: 1.5 lbs
Protein: 48.7%
Fat: 49.0%
Carb: 2.3%

🐂 USDA Top Round Beef
🦆 Duck Head*
🎣 Sardine
🐖 USDA Pork Loin
🫀Grass Fed Beef Heart
🦪 Oysters
🥗 Celery + Cabbage
💙 Blue Mussel
🐖 Pork Back-Fat
🐂 Grass Fed Beef Liver
🦴 Joint Support Powder*
🌱Organic Hempseed Oil
🌊 Organic Kelp
🌻 Naturally Derived Vitamin E

🦆 *Added benefits of feeding duck heads: Keratin, eyes, & brain all bring functional boosts.

🦴 *Proactive joint support is important. Don’t wait for wear & tear signs to appear.

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