Growing & Using Herbs for Flea Prevention

A Free Online Workshop for Dog Owners

SoCal Raw Fed Dogs is a global canine nutrition education + diet formulating company.

My passion is teaching dog owners how to put together an optimal diet for their dogs using straightforward and sustainable recipes & systems. I believe it is vital to feed the dog in front of you for their specific nutritional needs.

Online owner workshops & professional courses & programs are available intermittently throughout the year. Visit the appropriate tab on the main menu to learn details about the education you are interested in. 

The New Enrollment in the CNP™ Program is Currently Closed & Will Reopen for 6 Seats in the Fall. 

Visit the Canine Nutrition Professional Certificate Program Information Tab on the Main Menu to View Program Details.

A freezer of yummies for the dogs is so satisfying!

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🥳 I did a thing! I’ve automated the dog owner workshops!

📝 Busy dog owners have requested for me to automate the dog owner workshops for years & I resisted because I want you to actually learn what I’m teaching & not click through the content not absorbing or understanding.

💡 l always said if I found a way that I could comfortably automate while still ensuring you learned, that I would.

🎉 The automated dog owner workshops are here & they include an optional 1:1 session with me for the owners who still want that live education support!

🪄 I created a new automated format on the training site that is loaded with pre-recorded audio + video lessons of the content modules that I’ve always taught live & I added a couple of study guides and quizzes to help ensure comprehension support is still there.

👩🏼‍💻 An optional 1:1 session is self-scheduled just like the weekly sessions were before so if you don’t want the 1:1, you just won’t schedule it.

💰 Because I’m not going to be live with you on a weekly basis anymore, I’ve dropped the workshop costs for both of them.

♥️ You guys know the workshops have never been offered year-round since their inception in 2017 due to schedule restraints & now they will be thanks to the automation.

🥂 I’ve opened my affiliate program to dog owners as well because, why not! This used to only be open to professional students & my team.

🪜The full workshop details & new costs can be found over on the website.

🗝 These workshops are open to dog owners only. All professional inquiries regarding a peer to peer consultation/collaboration or enrollment in my canine nutrition professional certificate program (CNP™) can be emailed to

👀 By the way, the professional certificate program opened again over the weekend for new enrollment. There are only 4 seats this round. If you’ve been waiting… go apply!

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Lunch for my 52 lbs. Lab puppy
Today’s Bowl ⬇️
🐂 USDA Beef
🦆 Organic Duck Neck
🎣 Sardine
🤢 Grass-Fed Green Tripe
♥️ Grass-Fed Beef Heart
🥚 Pasture Raised Hen Egg
🐖 USDA Pork with Fat
🌱 Organic Spinach
🐂 Grass-Fed Beef Liver
🐂 USDA Beef Kidney
🌻 Natural Vitamin E
🌊 Organic Kelp
🦴 Custom Joint Support Mix

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#fbf the WHY behind SCRFD.

My raw fed good boy after AKC Good Citizen training 4 years ago today. My best friend, my boy, my soul dog. 👱🏼‍♀️🐾🐾♥️

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