SoCal Raw Fed Dogs is a global canine nutrition education + diet formulating company.

My passion is teaching dog owners how to put together an optimal diet for their dogs using straightforward and sustainable recipes & systems. I believe it is vital to feed the dog in front of you for their specific nutritional needs.


CPD/CEU online courses and in-person workshops intermittently throughout the year.

Happy New Year!

🐷 USDA Pork Loin
🐂 USDA Lean Ground Beef
🦆 California Organic Duck Hearts
🦆 California Organic Duck Feet
🎣 Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon
🐂 California Grass Fed Beef Liver
🐂 California Grass Fed Beef Kidney
🌱 Organic Hemp Heart Powder
🌻 Natural Vitamin E Oil
🌊 Organic Kelp Powder
🧫 Fermented Organic Veggie Mix*
🍎 Apple Fiber
🤍 Superfood Bomb: Organic Raw Cow Kefir & Organic Spirulina
🤎 Gingerbread Man: Shroom Mix*

*Fermented Organic Veggie Mix:
Red Cabbage
Yellow Squash

*Ethically Sourced Shroom Mix:
Turkey Tail
Lion’s Mane

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🎅🏼 Recipe two in this year’s holiday trio! The jingle all the whey kits make being proactive about naturally deworming your dog fun, lol.

These jolly kits are always a hit with dog owners and they provide dogs with beneficial support.

You can read the full details & get the recipe with step by step instructions on the website. Just search “fermented seeds” and it will pop up for you! If you’re on my email list, this went out to you this morning!

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🐰 Cuts my girl can sink her teeth into & a little rabbit ear floss action too!

🥩 This one is a balanced protein to fat, energy & nutrient dense bowl bringing non-starchy, low carb + high fiber of both kinds of fiber we want to feed dogs. 🙌🏼

🦪 Notice there’s no oysters in this one? That’s not because they’re for dinner, it’s because this bowl is bringing the zinc! This particular combination of ingredients works together to bring exactly what this dog’s daily zinc needs are.

💡 When you combine the right foods, you don’t need to feed a ton of extras. I talk in depth about this bowl in an email going out later today!

📧 If you’re not on my email list yet, you should jump on because I’ve decided to use it more now than ever & a lot of content will only be shared with my list in 2021 instead of in the Facebook groups. Plus my list always gets first dibs on anything free that I’m offering & discounts to courses & workshops. #ilovemycommunity

📲 Press the link in my bio & add yourself to the list so you can learn the full details of this bowl, which will help you with your own dog’s meals. You’ll also be the first to grab the simple free gut support snack recipe I’m sending out later this week!

👋🏼 This is an example bowl from one of the feeding systems that I put together for an adult large breed dog. I used easy to find foods & a straightforward ingredients list which makes the diet sustainable for the owner.

What’s in the bowl?

🐖 Pork Loin
🦆 Organic Duck Neck
🐂 80% Ground Beef
🎣 Wild-Caught Pink Salmon
🐂 Beef Liver
🦪 Pacific Oyster
💜 Organic Purple Cabbage
💚 Organic Celery
💛 Organic Yellow Squash
🥭 Organic Mango
🌱 Organic Hemp Seed Oil
♥️ Taurine
🪨 Manganese
🌻 Natural Vitamin E Oil
🥬 Organic Kelp Powder
🐾 Raw Goat Kefir + Cranberry
🦩 Cranberry + Raw Goat Kefir

For the nutrition buffs, this perfectly balanced bowl is bringing on a caloric basis:

49% Protein
48.9% Fat
2.1% Carb

🧛‍♀️ Fangtastic! Kefir Fangs: Fermented Raw Goat Milk

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