This calorie calculator will configure your dog’s kCal amount to meet its Daily Energy Requirements (DER).

Enter your dog’s weight to establish their minimum caloric intake amount per day which is also called their Resting Energy Requirements (RER).

From there you will select your dog’s life stage + activity level. This is going to configure your dog’s Maintenance Energy Requirements (MER). Their maintenance energy requirements are the number of kCals they need to take in to maintain their weight through their current life stage & activity level. Calories are not a linear function of body weight.

There is approximately a 30% fluctuating difference that occurs due to several influences. <— This is bolded so that you factor this information in with the calculated results below.

You can learn about caloric feeding and what variables are factored for estimating kCals for your dog on our caloric feeding guide here or you can find it on the menu under raw feeding guides.

You do need to know your dog’s weight in kilograms to use the kCal calculator so we have one for you here!

Use our lbs to kg converter below to find your dog’s metric weight

Use our KCals calculator below to figure your dogs approximate daily needs

(September 14, 2019: The kCal calculator is presently down for an update. It will be back up soon)

Want to learn about the caloric feeding methodology?

Press or click here to view our guide on Caloric Feeding for Raw Fed Dogs.