Fermented Garlic Protocol

There are a few reasons I use garlic for dogs such as a routine part of my flea + tick prevention but this particular protocol is to stimulate their lymphatic systems for infection-fighting & just as importantly, for the antibacterial + antifungal properties garlic brings to the bowl.

We’ve had fire season in SoCal the last few months & rain coming & going. When we have this mixture of pollution and weather in our region, it’s a good idea to proactively protect your dogs. Toxins in the air and puddles can cause turbulence for dogs such as gastrointestinal problems, skin & eye irritations, and yeast infections. Because we don’t generally have a lot of rain, the infrequent occurrences bring up a plethora of potential issues from the ground my dogs walk and lay on. Since my dogs aren’t used to this weather or pollution, and they train outside daily, they are open to respiratory tract inflammation as well.

The “Why” Behind This Garlic Protocol

A round of fermented raw garlic is a natural protocol that can provide your dog with internal systems support, helping them naturally fight off issues. The key is to be proactive and consistent. With fermenting, this means you need to plan ahead. I grow my own organic garlic and that helps to be ready.

Garlic works with the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps eliminate waste + toxins & boosts immune function by increasing the production of antibodies; which aids in reducing inflammation. Garlic is a detoxifier; it supports beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract & eliminates harmful bacteria. It is also a circulatory system supporter so garlic helps keep blood flowing and heart + lung function.

Raw Feeder on a Budget Tip: Grow your own garlic from organic bulbs and continue growing more from the base of all the future garlic you grow. This allows you to save money and ensure the garlic you’re feeding your dog is in fact grown cleanly.

Fermenting Raw Garlic with Whey 

I use whey for fermenting raw seeds and raw garlic but other than that, I use existing ferments I’ve previously made that started with pink salt brine. The reason I opt for whey with raw garlic is that I am making very small batches and the whey I use contains several strains of Lactobacillus, which is needed for the fermenting processes of the garlic. Many people start with pink salt. I don’t use any salt for this particular at-home ferment because the whey is what is used to inoculate the garlic, it pushes out the bad bacteria.

How to Ferment Garlic with Whey

Peel and clean organic garlic leaving all the bits and ends attached.

Gently press it enough to add some strain that will “open” the garlic cloves & put them in a glass jar with an airtight lid for 24 hours.

At the end of 24 hours, open your airtight glass jar and add just enough whey to cover the cloves. Stir and recover with an airtight lid.

Leave sitting in room temperature on the counter for an additional 7 days.

Strain and discard the whey and begin using the garlic.

Store in a glass airtight jar in the fridge.

Additional Information

Garlic is not suitable for puppies under 6 months of age

Garlic is not a good fit for some breeds

Feeding garlic may cause medication interaction

Do not feed garlic to pregnant or lactating dogs

Make sure garlic is a fit for your dog

How Much to Feed

How much you feed depends on your dog. I feed Labrador Retrievers so my dogs’ daily dosage, when they’re on this protocol, is going to be different than the 10 lbs dog next to them. Feed the protocol per the suggested amount for your dog daily for two weeks and then reduce and feed it twice a week for one additional week. The protocol completes after week three. You can use this chart below from Rita Hogan | Canine Herbalist as a guide. You add the appropriate increments for dogs over 30 lbs.

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7 thoughts on “Fermented Garlic Protocol

  1. I have Been Giving My Boy Deisel Raw Organic Garlic for A Couple Years or So. I just got some Organic Fermented Black Garlic. I Usually Give 70# Diesel like a Teaspoon Twice a Day. How much Fermented Black Garlic Should I Give Him??

  2. I grow and ferment my own garlic. I do it the long term way with low heat and comes out great. Eat some every week. Fermented
    Garlic is much stronger than fresh that I used to clear stomach worms , works great. Have not given the dogs Fermented Garlic yet .
    Have you?

    1. Yes. We grow our own organic garlic in raised beds & I ferment it on a regular basis and use it as a natural anti-parasitic.

  3. Hi
    When giving garlic .. can I mince all the garlic let it sit for 10 minutes then put in the fridge till all used. I’m confused on the garlic as to Weather cut it up Every day fresh or mince it one time and store

    1. Hi Gail, you can either ferment it or you can cut it up and feed it fully raw. It’s best to mince it if not fermenting so that it is easier for the dog to digest. Some do not love the taste of it so the mincing and adding to food can help hide it.

      1. Hi. Is it ok to use the whey from Organic Greek yogurt? There’s usually always whey that floats at the top or the yogurt when opened

        1. I am sorry, I just saw your question. Yes, if it is plain Greek yogurt, you certainly can!

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